NCDA Georgia is a non-commercial, non-profit making organization founded in 2018 by leading Georgian civil society organizations and professional associations actively working on disease prevention and health promotion issues. The founding members include the reputable and experienced organizations such as Georgian Diabetes and Endocrine Associations Union, Georgian Association for the Prevention of Diabetes Complications, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Implementation and Monitoring Center in Georgia, Georgian Nurses and Assistants Professional Development Association, Teachers for Healthy Future and Sustainable Development Fund. Simon Gabritchidze (Executive Director, Welfare Foundation) has been appointed as a Chairperson of the NCD Alliance. Dr. Ramaz Kurashvili (Director of National Centre for Diabetes Research) is Honorary Chair of the Alliance.

The main rationale for forming NCD Alliance was to unite efforts of the leading organizations and professionals in order to achieve much more tangible results in the field of health promotion and disease prevention. Following to total commercialization of the Georgian healthcare sector (where up to 90% of healthcare facilities are private, for-profit organizations) disease prevention and health promotion efforts are less prioritized and sometimes fully neglected.

NCDA Georgia has already settled functional head office in Tbilisi, leading and directing wide network of volunteers, partners and health educators across the country. The wide technical expertise of the Alliance staff covers the following areas: health/social systems research, policy analysis, diabetes prevention, diabetes management and control, tobacco control, climate change and NCDs, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation of the State programs, health promotion, health rights and community mobilization.

Since its establishment NCD Alliance has been actively working on various issues related to NCDs prevention and control (NCDs best buys, NCDs investment case in Georgia and etc.). NCDs Alliance major partners include National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, WHO Country Office in Georgia, Georgia Red Cross Society and etc.