simon gabrichidze

 Simon Gabritchidze – Chair of Board



Simon is a medical doctor with a Master of Health Management and a Master of Development Studies Degrees from Heidelberg, Germany and Erasmus, the Netherlands respectively. He is a co-founder of Tbilisi Institute of Global Health and a member of academic faculty of the University of Georgia. His previous experience includes Executive Director at Welfare Foundation, Regional Coordinator for UNAIDS Technical Support Facility for the Caucasus and Turkey, and Coordinator of Medical Programs at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. Simon has extensive experience in the management of large-scale projects funded by international donors. He has an academic background and expertise in the fields of health management and economics, health financing options for low and middle-income countries, health sector reforms, NCDs prevention and health promotion

ramaz khurashvili

 Ramaz Kurashvili – Honorary Chair


Dr. Kurashvili is Honorary Citizen of the City of Tbilisi, founder of the National Center for Diabetes Research, Doctor of Medical Sciences in endocrinology, works as a Chairman and founder of the Georgian Union of Diabetes and Endocrine Associations and League of Medical Academic Education of Georgia, Co-founder and President of the Association for the Prevention of Diabetes Complications of Georgia, and Honorary Chair of the NCD Alliance of Georgia. Dr. Kurashvili is the expert in endocrinology of the Ministry of Health of Georgia. He is the Country Representative in the IWGDF, D-Foot International and the Diabetes Eye Complications WG. Awards:  Georgian Order of Honor (2002); Certificate of Honor of the Italian Association of Medical Doctors; “Piece Ambassador” of the International Piece Federation; “Achievements in Diabetes” Honorary Award of the President of the International Diabetes Federation.

giorgi bakhuridze

 George Bakhturidze – Deputy Chair of Board


Dr. Bakhturidze is a medical doctor and lawyer by professions. Then he earned Master and PhD degrees in Health Policy and Promotion at the University of Bergen, Norway. He has been extensively involved in tobacco control and health promotion activities since 1998, when he began work at the National Counter Tobacco Center. Dr Bakhturidze has more than 20 years of experience in advocacy, law making, lobbying and engaged in research on public health and health promotion issues. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Georgia in Public Health, Health Behavior and Health Promotion. In 2005, Dr Bakhturidze founded Georgian Health Promotion and Education Foundation ( Since 2016 this organization becomes coordinator of Health Promotion Alliance in Georgia and Dr Bakhturidze becomes chairman of the Alliance, which counts more than 20 different CSOs working on health advocacy issues. Foundation has been a member of International Union for Health Promotion and Education since 2006. In 2008 Dr Bakhturidze recognized by the Polish Health Promotion Foundation and awarded by Golden Honorary Award for promotion development of public health in Georgia.

giorgi maghradze

 Giorgi Magradze – Board Member


Giorgi is a doctor of biological sciences. He is involved in tobacco control and health promotion activities since 2000 as a member of various organizations, such as Tobacco Control Alliance, Georgian Health Promotion and Education Foundation, etc. He has extensive experience in managing large-scale programs on tobacco control, promotion of physical activity, healthy life style, awareness raising about tuberculosis, etc.

marina sakhvade.

 Marina Sakhvadze – Board Member


Marina is a nurse-trainer, Head Nurse of Tbilisi Oncology Center. She is Chairperson of Georgian Nurses and Assistants Professional Development Association. Marina has extensive experience in working in various governmental (including Ministry of Health), academic and private organizations. She was a member of the working group participated in reform of nurse system of Georgia.